How did I get here?

As some of you would know, I am currently seriously considering joining a Startup Accelerator in an operational role, as it is my passion to help startups grow in a hands-on role.

I have been getting some awesome introductions from friends in the Accelerator and VC space and one of the guys I met invited me to come along to the Slingshot Qantas Program Demo Day.

I had no idea what to expect, but was super excited to learn a bit more about my new goal 🙂

Cinema – what do you mean?

I rushed out of work, arrived a little late to the venue – which was a cinema.

A little confused, I asked around and was directed to a theatre room.
Lights off, comfy chair – classic cinema – there it was, the Demo Day on an absolutely massive screen in front of hundreds of people (me one of them). A Little bit in awe, I squeezed into the closest chair.

So we were basically watching this tiny human in front of us, with this absolutely insanely big presentation next to him/her.

At first, the Slingshot CEO, then the Qantas CEO gave a speech and we went straight into the startup pitches.

The Startups

It was incredibly interesting to hear their pitches. Some of them pretty good, some very average and some of them just classic cliches, which could have come straight from the series “Silicon Valley” (especially the ones throwing around with buzz words like Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence).

The accelerator is funded by Qantas and what surprised me was that quite a few of the startups, which pitched, were not related to travel, nor flight at all.

One of the highlights was definitely Volantio (helps airlines plan flights better), Meeco (allows you to share your personal information like steps, etc with businesses) and Pawshake, which is a competitor of MadPaws.

The pitches were all very well presented, with beautiful power point presentations and overall awesome ideas.

What I took away?

  • anyone with any slightly viable idea can start a business
  • keep your pitch simple and do not use buzzwords without substance
  • make your presentation memorable