Something that was on my To-Do list for a long time! Bikram / Hot Yoga

Phil and I registered for $59 for 30 days in the Lava Yoga place in Bondi Junction. Why for so long? None of the studios offered free trials and it would be great to do it over a period of time and see how we improve.

We arrived there, as the Noobies we are, me without a towel and water – which was a no go. The instructor took great care of us though, placed us in the middle of the room so we could observe how the Pros do Yoga.

You basically enter a semi-hot sauna. Not too hot, that you can’t breathe, but hot enough so that once you start moving, sweat starts dripping from every part of your body. You go in topless as it is really hot, place a large towel on the yoga mat because there is going to be so much sweat.

In the 60 mins session, you go through the same motions every session (we’ve been twice now on Tuesday and Thursday :)). The session is a great mix of breathing, stretching and strength exercises. 60 mins later you feel like you’ve taken a bath and thoroughly stretched and exhausted (in a good way).

I can honestly say, I’m super excited to see my progress in the coming 30 days. Some of the postures are just impossible for me to do in my current condition.

12th Sept Update

Week 3 – I’ve been going twice a week and can see improvements in my flexibility after every session 🙂 It is actually my favourite sport at the moment.

This is not me.