Wim Hof is one of the first people covered in Tim Ferris’ book Tools of Titans. He is also known as the Iceman who hiked the Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest in nothing else, but shorts. His breathing techniques allow him to control parts of his nervous system, retain his body temperature and fight diseases.

Randomly, Wim Hof came to Sydney and held a workshop on his attitude on life and how to strengthen your immune system.

My flatmate, Alex, and I went and were required to bring a yoga mat and swimming shorts. As we expected, after a fun and motivational speech from the crazy Dutch man, we all jumped (partly due to peer pressure :P) into ice baths for 2 minutes! Wim Hof made us sing a “Who let the dogs out” whilst in the bath and I did let out a little scream once I got into the ice bath. It was a freezing experience. Getting into the ice bath was surprisingly easy, but the cold kicked in 5 seconds later and you got used to it after about a minute. You could really make yourself warmer by controlling your breathing (that’s what I do now every day under a cold shower) and getting out of the bath was just beautiful and warm 🙂

The breathing techniques, which we practiced for a good 20-30 mins (or what felt like it), made you a little light-headed and created a tingly feeling all over your body. My ears were still tingling 5 mins after the session.

Overall, the session was super inspirational and I do strongly support the belief that you can achieve anything with willpower!

12th Sept Update

A couple of weeks after this session now and I’ve been taking cold showers every day for 10-30 seconds 🙂

Wim Hof 2017.JPG

Wim Hof Experience Sydney 2017.JPG

Wim Hof Sydney Ice Bath 2017.JPG