For the last month, I have been trying Mealpal.

I buy my lunch most days for about $10-$15 in one of the food courts. You often end up eating the same thing and not really branching out much. (My goto: Bibimbap)

When I first looked at Mealpal, I was instantly like: “this is perfect! cheap lunch, from a different place every day”.

How it works

Mealpal makes you prepay for a whole month for $8.50/lunch and then prompts you to pick their pre-selected meals the evening before. The stores receive the mass orders in the morning and can serve many more customers during the busy lunch hours and get exposure to customers, who would not usually come to the particular shop.

My experience

Mealpal was really good fun to try for about 2 weeks, to go around the city and try different places – after about 10 lunches you do run out of options (even though some stores rotate their lunch offering) and then you’re pressured into picking something as you already pre-paid for it and you end up getting the same thing for about a week as it’s the closest and most convenient (in my case Fish & Chips (Salmon!) from Costis – so you still end up saving almost 40%).


I can definitely recommend it for a month if you’re directly in the CBD with lots of restaurants around you. You will probably exhaust your options after the first month.

Pro Tip

Sign up and wait a couple of days to get a $40 discount or ask me for a referral than both of us get $50 coles vouchers.