This week’s Sunday hike was planned in advance. Getting to the Royal National Park from Sydney Central only takes an hour (7 stops without changing). Otford, where you get off, is located in a little valley which is really cold.

There is the famous 2-day hike (26km) to Bundeena, where you can take a ferry back to Cronulla and train back to Sydney CBD. We decided to take it easy and go to Otford, hike as much as we want and stop and enjoy nature for as long as we want without having to stress to make the whole 26km before sunset.

We walked to South Era beach ~8km, which was a perfect spot to have a little (freezing) swim in the middle of Australian winter and lunch. The Royal National Park was beautiful, as it stretches along the coastline. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any whales even though it currently is whale season (I saw two last week in Coogee!).

We also scrambled along the cliffs on the rocks to the Figure 8 Pools, which were really cool as they are so symmetrical and weirdly pleasing to the observer’s eye.

Royal National Park Map Otford.JPG