Key Insights

Information, Data, Enabling & Sharing – key aspects of the future


12 verbs – Present Particles

– conveys continuous action -> accelerating actions


Constant change
Existence requires constant energy / maintenance
Protopia (process / progress) – constant becoming / change which creates problems, but incrementally net benefits the world
We are, and will remain, perpetual Newbies.
so many things are still to happen – most innovations haven’t even happened yet


Automation / Artificial Intelligence
– access all information on the internet
Cognitive Enhancement!
– add info to anything and it will make it better
– processing power (gaming GPU chip)
– big data
– better algorithms
a) Jobs humans can do, but robots even better
building, producing, manual jobs, safety, pilot
b) Jobs humans can’t do, but robots can
manufacture small items, google, medical machines, computers computation power
c) Jobs we didn’t know we wanted done
cars, flights, smartphones, google
d) Jobs only humans can do – at first
we automate our own work, in the end we will need to answer “what are humans for?”


Flow of data on demand
– Cloud
– we want everything instantly and free
– flow / internet enabled us to supercharge sharing and copying for free
Better than FREE:
– Immediacy
– Personalisation
– Interpretation (ie dna data)
– Authenticity / Trust (no bugs, malware)
– Accessability
– Embodiment (material – book)
– Patronage (we want to reward creators)
– Discoverability


Disjointed miscellaneous information
– people of the book vs screen
– break down of literature and long texts into bits
Networked library – books / literature
1) accessibility of niche information to niches
2) learn more about original historic books
3) highlight authority – what we do and don’t know
4) basis of augmented reality – cultural life


Access without owning
1) Dematerialisation
– same benefit less material (cars, can of coke)
– SaaS (subscribe to adobe and photoshop not buy it)
2) Real time on demand
– Uber
– Freelancers
3) Decentralisation
– money / cryptocurrency / blockchain
– if you can centralise that you can decentralise anything
– internet
4) Platform synergy
– Ecosystem – offer something that you didn’t create (App store)
– allow creation (facebook)
5) Clouds
– access anything anywhere


Socialism / Sharing Economy
1) Sharing
2) Cooperation – hashtags, pinterest, use common things to find and be found
3) Collaboration – Open Source
4) Collectivism – Wiki, Youtube, Apache
Crowd sharing – Kickstarter


Abundance of info makes attention scarce
Use filters:
– family/friends
– culture
– country
– like you
– authorities (teacher, parents)
– intermediaries (companies)
– brands
– own preferences
Abundance of everything / information accessibility puts pressure of us knowing who we are and what we want


Mixing basic technologies creates new innovation (which can be again mixed)
– Rewind past experiences
– Creating new out of old


Altered reality
– Virtual reality
a) presence
b) interaction
– whole body / all senses – interaction
1) more senses
2) more intimacy (always there in our private space)
3) more immersion (leap inside)


Quantified self
– self-tracking
– we’re not naturally mathematical, info will be presented to other senses
– secondary memory recording everything
LIFESTREAM -lifelogging
– past memories and future to-dos
1) 24/7/365 body monitoring
2) Extended memory
3) Passive archive of everything
4) Organising / reading your life
Internet of Things
– everything will track itself
Integration of all those data streams
– your whole life
+ future prediction of everything
(credit card, transport card, car tracking, supermarket, fitness, health, computer time, browser history, face recognition, social media, etc)
People would choose transparency over privacy (ie social media)
Data volume heading towards infinity / huge volumes


Questioning own belief
– Massive collaboration – Wikipedia (never believed it), Google maps – free!
– Disruption of social fabric (internet) inevitable for some period (ie 24h outage)
– Internet compresses the extraordinary (ie crazy videos of achievements, humans are awesome) and makes it normal
Irony: even though more info online you become more sceptical as you need to filter
Machines only answer, good question is important!


Beginning of new era / of new building