I watch far too much Anime.

The strong main characters, who are likeable, strive for friendship and pursue a single goal, are just so addictive to watch (think – Naruto, Luffy, Goku, Ichigo). I love it – for 20 minutes it reminds you how important it is to have a goal in mind, make friends and stick to your principles.

Even though I spend a lot of time on it, I don’t want to cut it out of my life to save time. I do enjoy it, but what I decided to do is actually invest more time into it and LEARN JAPANESE. As I watch so much, I thought I might as well pick up Japanese instead of relying on the subtitles.

…so I’ve started learning (re-learning) Japanese this week on Duolingo.

Also because Duolingo just released Japanese on its awesome language learning app.

I’m on a 6-day streak right now and mean to keep it up 🙂 Right now I’m going through the basic Japanese letters (Hiragana), which are a challenge in themselves and it currently seems to me as if they are never ending.

Wish me luck!

The goal is to pick up a couple of words here and there whilst watching an episode within the next month.

Duolingo Learning Japanese 2017.PNG