I’ve been (as everyone does at some point) flirting with the thought of investing my savings instead of putting them into a savings account (even though I’m getting 3%, let me know if you’d like a referral 😛 You’ll get $100 for signing up).

Experimenting with investing lead me to try 2 startups:

1) Acorns

It’s a simple app, which is well designed and allows you to invest as much as you’d like into an investment portfolio. You can decide the risk around the portfolio. The principle of the app is round up all your expenses and invest them into the portfolio.

So something costs $99, it would take $1 out of your account to make it $100 and keep adding to your portfolio, as you spend.

For now, I’ve only invested $105 to trial it and have made 39 cents, which is a return of 0.4% in a week (in theory annualised – 20.4%).

I’ll first see how it goes over the next couple of weeks and might then really set up the rounding up on my expense account.

2) BrickX

Another great idea for a startup – crowdfunded property investment.

The startup buys a property or allows for pre-orders and splits the house in 10,000 virtual bricks.

Instead of buying a whole house, you can buy as many bricks as you’d like. You get rent and when you sell your bricks you can make capital gains if the property increased in value!

Genius idea – so I bought 8 bricks in Mosman, Sydney 🙂

Officially a (part-) houseowner !!

BrickX Mosman.jpg

BrickX Homeowner! 2017

Acorns 2017 Investing