A mix of aerial (flying/floating), yoga and ballet. At first, a little sceptic about the ballet element of the class, Gabby and I booked in a class with our friend Rossu. Sky Lab is freakin’ difficult to find – no labels, no signs, nothing. You enter the most doggy building in Sydney, with graffiti everywhere. You genuinely feel like you’re going to die around the corner or get stuck in the (also graffiti covered) lift.

Sydney Graffiti 2017 Surrey Hills.JPG

Once you make it through the maze, you enter this beautifully peaceful, sun-lit studio, overlooking the city with an incredibly bubbly instructor.

The instructor did an incredible job in motivating the team, calm, relaxed, collected and great mood. The class was a great legs workout, with a huge fun element and upside down exercises, which were definitely not what you do every day.

I’d definitely go back, the workout was good and the upside down figures really bring out the fun and child inside of you.

Sky Lab Aerial Barre 2017.JPG