Cycling to Work Sydney 2017.JPG

… with the school back on and some big roadworks on Anzac Parade, it takes me almost an hour to get to work (compared to 35mins which is what it was previously). This really made me consider alternative transport, most likely bike, rollerskates and running.

Unfortunately my parents couldn’t find my rollerskates and I can’t run with my laptop in the backpack, so I decided to borrow a bike from a friend (instead of rushing into buying one).

Cycling into work was really good fun. Great temperature, great workout – it took me about 45mins, as I got lost a couple of times.

On the way back I had less luck.

My front light ran out of battery as soon as I turned it on, I didn’t leave work until 10pm and it was pouring rain. braving the rain I headed out anyway and halfway through the ride the bike chain snapped… I ended up pushing the bike for 40 mins back home and got home at 11.10pm, drenched.

Save to say – I’ll put the cycling on the back burner for now and might reconsider in the future.