Forever Floating Sydney 2017.JPG

As part of the meditating I picked up recently, which I still do about once a week, I stumbled across “Forever Floating” – pods with super salty water at skin temperature of 34.7 degrees.

Once inside it’s pitch black and you float on the saltwater, which you can hardly feel as it has the same temperature as your body. There is no sound, no vision and you’re in this pod only with your thoughts. $50 gets you 75 minutes in solitude.

The salt water is great for your muscles and the space incredible to meditate and think.

Personally, I enjoyed the whole experience, even though I got bored about 30 mins into the session (you don’t really know how long you’re in there for). First I managed to meditate, but wasn’t used to meditating this long so started twirling in the slimy salt water and stretching.

I wouldn’t say I came out a changed man, but it was definitely a fun experience to be forced to think about life 🙂