Blue Mountains Whongee Whungee 2017 Canyoning.jpg

Whungee Whongee is an adventure for anyone’s bucket list.

When I booked the trip for Karo and myself there was a vast variety of canyons to trek, naturally we (mostly I) picked the advanced trek. We first hiked for 1.5 hours with a 10kg backpack through the Australian bush. Provisioned with lots of water we made it to the canyon and descended by abseiling into the Canyon.

Whongee Whungee is a super remote canyon – only two groups are allowed to enter a week to preserve its nature. In the canyon itself it suddenly became eerie, cold and beautiful with lots of untouched nature and rays of sun sometimes coming through. As part of the adventure a diamond viper blocked our way through the canyon (at that stage the canyons walls were approx 2 meteres apart, so there really was no room for us to take a detour. We braved it and quickly squeezed past the snake and continued our descent into a pitch black cave with glow worms, which made the whole cave look like the sky.

A couple of hours later we abseiled out of the canyon into a river it flowed into. Floating for ~30 mins in warm water drifting down the river, we felt like we were in prime seats in some nature movie and enjoyed the stunning canyon.

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