Lots of people keep asking me what some of my highlights were this year / on my blog and if I did any fun activities which I kept up.

…and if you know me, you know that I’ve don’t remember those kind of things, which is why I have blogs like this and a billion different lists to keep track of things.

…but overall it’s a great question and I thought it would be fun to summarise what I did this year and if I continued with any activities.

Most Proud – Meditating – currently on a 36 day streak

Most Fun – Volleyballing and winning a tournament

Most Random – Modelling – yep, random, but good fun

Most Challenging – Full Marathon – 3h 53min

Most Hated (by everyone else) – Movember – and raising $1.5k as a team

Most Embarrassing – Gambling – and never doing it again

Most Time Consuming – Bleach – got completely sucked into watching it

Most Useful – Coding – lots of it and having my own website


Here is a summary of some of the things that happened this year: