This week randomly became the beauty week.

1) Modelling

A couple of weeks ago I posted this blog for the first time ever. Back then I never thought that I would get such an incredible response rate and almost 1,000 visits. What I also received was lots of my friends saying that they would love to try writing a similar blog too and lots of recommendations of what to try next.

As part of the large reach, another friend of mine approached me asking me if I wanted to model for his newly started fashion label. Of course – I could not say no. It was a new experience and had lots of potential to be good fun.

As I literally had not idea how to go about this, I packed a backpack full of different clothes – just in case we wanted to try different outfits. We met up on Bondi beach for some breakfast and Marian and Stephanie first explained what Beachduffel was all about, a beachwear label for professionals (their second fashion label after Anna King).

Then we headed down to the beach and without any dramas Stephanie told me what to do (basically walk around) and Marian shot a billion pictures. Before we knew it, it was over and everyone was satisfied (Marian with his pics, me with a beautiful free bag and a new experience).

Beachduffel modelling Bondi 2016.jpg

Beachduffel modelling Bondi 2016 2.jpg

Beachduffel modelling Bondi 2016 4.jpg

2) Physiotherapy

Unexpectedly, I also got a free Physiotherapy assessment and instantly booked a session in for the next day.

As I’ve never had one before I asked for a general assessment. Jordan from F45 whizzed through all relevant questions around sports and injuries and before I knew it he was showing me that I had a restriction in my right shoulder. He then showed me a couple of exercises how I can loosen up my shoulder.

Still speechless that within 15mins someone knew my body better than I did, I was standing outside doing shoulder shrugs to loosen the shoulder. Needless to say – definitely worth it.

3) Manicure

Vaniday randomly organised a free Manicure session in the park. As I have never had a Manicure before, despite all funny looks and jokes I had to endure, it was the perfect activity for this blog.

Megan and I popped over to a stall full of girls, not even the organisers believed I was getting one too. The manicure itself was interesting – my nails were cut, filed and polished.

…and they are now definitely softer and smoother. Kinda nice, but I would never pay for one.

Vaniday Manicure 2016.jpg