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Frustrated by how technology, which seemingly connects people, in reality makes everyone stare at their phones, 2 friends and I started a little side project.

What if we could leverage that technology to make the intial connection, but then build actual human relationships and interactions?

This is when we came up with Proer.

The Mission

Make social media social.
Create moments of serendipity and unexpected enriching encounters.
Allow for people to be sociable again and connect with others who are curious and want to make meaningful connections.

How is it going to work?

PHASE I – Targeted Networking
Build a website, which captures the most curious and social people and allow them to connect based on their hobbies, work and interests. A tool for real targeting and finding the right person to connect with.

PHASE II – Moments of Serendipity
Convert Proer into an app, which uses your background location (similar to Happn) to give you a nudge when people, who share the same interests as you are closeby. The idea is to allow for unexpected, interesting encounters at any point in your day – on the bus, at the coffee shop or supermarket.

The Goal

Short Term

500 email sign-ups – simple.
First we want to validate that the idea is well understood and provides enough value for people to leave their email address.

Long Term

Connect the world.
Get people off their phones and let them connect with each other.
Build value through connecting people and allow ideas and relationships to spark.