Le Diner en Blanc Sydney 2016.jpg

Le Diner en Blanc was the ultimate event for this blog to try something new.

What is DEB?
An exclusive event, which is hosted annually in different cities around the world.

The idea is one of a surprise dinner/picnic at a secret location.

Everyone has to dress in white, bring their own table, chairs and food (depending on the package some of it can be provided) and you only find out when to meet where, you are not told the final destination until just before the dinner. Tickets sell out within minutes.

We were lucky enough to get some tickets, alongside 5,000 other Sydneysiders. Equipped with chairs, table and an incredible 4 course dinner cooked by Ceci, we arrived at the Wharf and got shipped to Cockatoo Island, a picturesque island in the middle of Sydney with views of the Harbour Bridge (see below).

Everyone’s dinner tables were set up super quickly and the bare Cockatoo islands rapidly transformed into a buzzing white dinner, which all white/silver decorations and fairy lights. The dinner started with everyone waving their napkins in the air, half way through everyone was given sparklers, which were perfect for the white event and before we knew it the whole dinner transformed into a huge outdoor party, with lots of space an incredible atmosphere.