Vaniday Sydney.png

Another little thing I’ve tried this week is Vaniday. A friend of mine works there so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Vaniday is a platform were you can book beauty treatment like massages, mani-, pedicures, but also haircuts.

As I received a $25 voucher (see below if you would like one too), I decided to just try it out. Usually I disappear over lunch time for 30 mins and get a $10 haircut in one of the dodgy places around Sydney. Vaniday was a very different experience, as it has a much higher standard of hairdressers, you find them online, book an appointment and pay on the platform.

So I picked MPC Hairdressing closeby to work, which would have set me back $50, which I never do, but was only $25 with the voucher. I have to say it was totally worth it. Small, cute barber shop, which is remote – I had the whole shop to myself with the owner, who was super nice and made the haircut into an experience, chatting and consulting me.

Btw – he blew my mind that you should only apply shampoo once a week, instead of what I was doing twice a day (because of sports), which I have been doing all my life

If you would like to try feel free to use the below code, which gives you $25 off:
(that’s what I did so my haircut only cost me $25 overall, but you can also get a heavily reduced massage with this code)