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Writing a blog about new experiences and adventures is not always healthy or fun.

This experience was thrilling, but definitely the most stupid one I have made so far.

The US presidential elections happened this Thursday. The topic was on everyone’s mind for the entire week and Alex, my flatmate, and I got chatting about it the night before. Somehow we mentioned that the odds of betting on Hilary were 1:1.3 and on Trump 1:5, which I thought at the time were great odds for Hilary, because who would be that stupid and vote for Trump.

Exhilarated with the idea of blogging about something different and new and with the prospect of making some easy money, I put on $200 on Hilary winning with odds of 1.21 which would have made me $42 and I thought was totally worth it even just for the sake of this blog.

The next day the elections, especially at the beginning were tight, with odds going crazy of up to 1:6 for Hilary even though both candidates were still fairly evenly matched. At this stage I have to mention that Sportsbet, the app I downloaded for betting, made it far too easy to bet on every and anything. It was scarily simple to get rid off lots of money in only 3 clicks and often instant feedback. Super addictive and far too simple – that’s what the betting apps are going for.

…and I totally fell for it. In midst of the election frenzy, the odds were skyrocketing and I got caught up in it and bet another $200.

The rest is history – Trump won, I lost, the world lost.

Key Takeaway 1
… so ultimately I don’t really care about the $400, as there far worse things happening around the world. It is a funny thing and it really shows how much perspective matters. Usually I would be super upset and careful with $400, as I am a very careful with money, but in the light of events it really doesn’t matter anymore.

Key Takeaway 2
This was the first time ever I bet.
…and I will never do it again.
The reason I bet was, because I really believed in the bet and that I have been across the topic, arguments and could make a fair assessment of the situation. As we saw, I was totally wrong. If I was wrong about something that I was following for 2 years (since the campaigning started), I definitely don’t have a chance of predicting anything, much less so sports or casino games, which are hugely odds dependent and the odds are always against you.
I’ve bet once now and I can definitely see how people easily get addicted, but I can also safely say that I am strong enough to never have to do it again.