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Some of my projects don’t specifically fit into a single week or I have a couple new experiences that week, which deserve their own entry.

Joylent is one of them.

A month ago Michael Tan at work told me about this food substitution powder, which contains all necessary nutrients for the day and the right amount of calories for a healthy and balanced diet.

Short on cash, busy at work – I researched and bought 30 meals worth of Joylent the same day. What got me into it was the promise of something new, saving money per meal and foremost saving time and effort preparing lunch/dinner.

It sounded like the perfect solution for some days were you just don’t have the time for lunch or can’t be bothered with ordering takeaway.

…and that’s exactly what it was for me.

For the past 30 days, I’ve had Joylent once a day either for lunch, as I’ve been going to the gym instead of lunch, for dinner to save time on a long work day or throughout the weekend when I was all day on the volleyball court.

Here is my assessment and some of the most common questions I received:

How does it taste like?

Like a smoothie. The flavours I had were Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla.

  • Banana – like a thick banana smoothie
  • Chocolate – like a sweet shake, which is a little fake
  • Vanilla – my favourite, strong and filling flavour which doesn’t get boring

Is it filling?

Yes – it surprisingly was filling. It really does fill you up like any thick fruit smoothie. You’re never bloated or in foodcoma afterwards, but you’re comfortably full as you have full control of your portions.

Don’t you miss/like real food?

I was only having Joylent once a week instead of lunch or dinner, so I still had food and didn’t miss it. It was super convenient to not have to worry about food. Real food is definitely better, but slower, more expensive and provides too much choice.

Update Mid-November

I ran out of Joylent. I reordered another 90 meals worth of Joylent, as it really made my life simpler. Whenever I was home late and had an empty fridge or went to the gym over lunch, it was just so much easier to have a shake, instead of organising food.
FYI – I ordered most of the 90 meals in Vanilla flavour 🙂