Movember 2016.jpg

As some might remember my Mo’ing 2 years ago was a but of a pedophile fail (here):

This year I decided to step up my Mo-game and go with the handlebar/horseshoe (see pic above – day 6).

I have to admit I gave myself a week headstart, which was often pointed out to me was cheating. I did it because Movember is all about raising awareness for men to go check for prostate and testicular cancer before it’s too late.

… and what better way is there than starting Movember with a Mo that gets you second looks on every step from Day 1.

On that note – support the cause which a couple of boys from Expert360 and myself stand for via our Mo-Team page (here).


Update a month later

Movember was really successful, not only did we raise $1.5k, but the moustache was also a great icebreaker throughout the month. At first I received a lot of weird looks from friends and colleagues (the ones from strangers on the street never stopped), but after a while everyone got used to it – myself included.

30 days later I really did consider keeping a moustache and felt a little lonely, when it finally came off.

Movember Sydney 2016.jpeg