Amber Affair – Beer Tasting for Charity

I didn’t actually buy a house.

… but it felt like buying a house!

I got invited to a charity beer tasting the night before it happened. Naturally, “Yes”  was the only right answer. The beer tasting ended up being more like an all you can drink beer event, as each brewery tried to persuade you that their beer was the best. Nothing to complain about, as there really were some delicious beers. The company was really good fun, I only knew my friend who brought another 3 friends along.

Strategically the charity auction was a couple of hours into the event, which meant that everyone was a little more loose with their wallets than at the start. The auction started with some footballs signed by AFL teams, dinners with football players, etc..

One of the items on the list was a 4 nights stay at the Central Coast, as there was 5 of us we all put some money together and ended up winning (!) the auction. At first we all didn’t really know what to say, as some of us only met that night for the first time. Another beer in, to let the fact sink in, that we were going on a holiday in February  and we all loved our “house purchase”.