As I mentioned in this post, I really enjoyed the 2 week free trial at F45.

MT and I decided to sign up for an 8 week challenge. Before and after the challenge there is also a body scan, which shows you how you have improved. Today was the first time I did a body scan in my life and I always wanted to have one taken!

Surprisingly fast (~30 seconds) and the scan was already over with all results.

The highlights: 12% of body fat.

The goal for in 8 weeks time is going to be to get to 80kg and drop down to 10% body fat, which means I will really need to get my nutrition in check.

Bodyscan F45 InBody.jpg
All my fat – exposed


Update 8 weeks later

The challenge was really good fun and I went to F45 5 times a week + a bit of running + beach volleyball and a lot of eating. Despite my sincere efforts to eat as much as I can I only gained 0.5kg.

But also lost 1.5kg of fat and gained 1.5kg of muscle, which overall brought me down to 9.9% body fat (GOAL REACHED!).

Bodyscan F45 2016.jpg