Blackmores Bridge Marathon Sydney 2016.jpeg

It was always on my bucket list to run the Full Marathon of 42.2km. I trained for 4 months and initially tried to stick to a training program which was recommended online – to run 4-5 times a week. After the first run on a weekday I gave up that training plan and told myself I’ll be fine if I just do one big run a week every weekend.

…so I went for a long run every Sunday for 4 months.

I started with 20km and increased the distance by 2km every week. (I did skip 2 weeks, as I was a bit sick.) I absolutely hated training – it was long, tough and physically super-challenging. I listened to Startup podcasts (The Startup Chat – which I absolutely love) to make the running less of a waste of time (I always thought about the 3 hour runs as a waste of time – as it was a long time + I ended up not moving and lying around in bed for the rest of the Sunday).

I ended up running approx. 400km (13 x ~30km) in preparation and was nervous the day before the big race, as after my two longest training runs of 34km I could hardly walk afterwards.

Race Day came along far too quickly.

Well hydrated and with a good night sleep, as well as thousands of motivated people made the run much easier than any of the training runs I had done before. A bit of rain made it more enjoyable too, instead of scorching heat.

…and I finished in 3h53mins, which was way below my goal of 4h15mins.

Key Learnings:

  • Train properly (not like me)
  • Don’t drink the night before long runs (not like me)
  • Organise nipple-plasters for a 30km+ runs (not like me)

I’m super happy, I’ve finally ran a Marathon. Lots of people have asked me if I’ll do another one – no I won’t. It was good fun, but now that it’s ticked off my bucket list and I’ll never have to do it again 🙂 Might do a Triathlon at some point, but I’ll definitely first give it a couple of months rest to enjoy my weekends.