Werewolfing Sydney Surrey Hills 2016.jpg

As you might remember I have posted once before about the game Werewolf. If you don’t, here is my initial post. Throughout this blog I have consistently blogged about new things I have tried or experienced and this might seem like I am blogging about something I have done before, but this week’s experience really required me to step out of my comfort zone.

I have been part of a Werewolf Meet Up group for months now, but could never make it because of one reason or another. This week was the first time, that I could actually make it. It’s a group were you meet up with random 25 people and play a pretty intense psychological game with, so I was quite nervous about going by myself. I tried to persuade a couple of people, but nobody could/wanted to join me. What eventually decided it for me was This Blog, I told myself that the whole reason I am doing this is to step out of my comfort zones, so I went for it.

I can honestly say, it was a great decision. After some initial nervousness, which got picked up by the group instantaneously (so I was nominated for being killed under the suspicion of being a Werewolf in the very first round), it ended up being incredible fun! We ended up playing 2 games from 7pm – 11.30pm. Time just flew and in the second game it was actually me who won the game as last remaining Werewolf.