As many of you know, especially my Uni friends, I can really get into Series and binge watch them. It’s never a good thing, as I just can’t stop and watch dozens of episodes in one session.

I am a huge fan of Naruto, but as the show ended I was looking for a worthy substitute with inspiring characters and a good humour. Naturally, I went on a Google stroll through the Anime universe and found out that there is a widely accepted ranking system based on the weekly sales for the mangas. In particular there are the Big 3 most popular animes, which have been unchanged since 2004.

Once Piece, Naruto and Bleach

I watched the first episode of both One Piece and Bleach and decided on Bleach.

I don’t really know. I guess it Ichigo as a main character was just more inspiring, as his life changes from Day 1 and he gets thrown into a new world of adventures.

Needless to say – I haven’t stopped watching Bleach since I started…