Sometimes opportunities to learn lie in things, which nobody wants to do and are not as glamorous as others.

This is exactly one of them.

I signed up as a fire warden for our company/floor in the building as nobody wanted to do it. To be completely honest I myself didn’t really see any point in it.

BUT this week we had the fire warden training and it is funny how those things often turn out to be pretty cool life learnings. Here is what I learned:

  • Smoke detectors

are based on a light sensor/beam, if it get interrupted the alarm goes off.

  • Heat detectors

are activated when the glass barrier inside them melts at about 130 degrees.

  • Sprinklers

once activated it’s only one sprinkler which goes off which is the one in the affected zone and not all of them like in movies (this was so logical once I was told, that it really made me wonder how I have never questioned that in movies)

  • Fire extinguishers

Learning 1 – there is so many different ones!
Learning 2 – all of them do something different and depending on the source of fire can make things even worseLearning 3 – check the fire extinguisher before ever using it! (also don’t touch the end of the hose of a CO2 extinguisher or your hand will freeze to it – ironically during a fire)