This weekend was Gabby and my 2 year anniversary and therefore the perfect opportunity to actively go out and try something new. We decided to go on a little roadtrip to Canberra. The trip started with a bit of a fail as we both ended up working late and the car rental company ran out of cars (which we had booked -.-).

We didn’t get to go until the next day Saturday morning. A 3 hours drive flew by listening to Serial. Serial is an epic podcast about a murder case from the 90’s. The speaker digs into the case which which almost 20 years ago and brings new facts to light. The way it’s made is incredibly captivating and you are so focused on listening that you don’t pay attention to anything else.

Canberra, I was always told is boring and deserted, our experience did not entirely confirm that. Yes – Canberra has an atmosphere of a bit of a ghost town (that is an exaggeration) as the streets are big and the city is spread out and there really isn’t many people around on weekends, but the city is beautiful in it’s own way exactly because of the same reasons. The highlight of the weekend was the science museum, Questacon. Lots of little kids running around solving science mysteries and puzzles (and us right in the middle).