I was never much of a long distance runner, so I thought I’d challenge myself with something different. For the last 1.5 years I have run short distances of about 5km with Runkeeper (App) to keep track of my distance and pace.

I signed up to to the Half Marathon, which was a completely new experience. You get caught up in the atmosphere and run along everybody else, who is just as excited as you are and end up running much faster than planned. Runkeeper told me I was running at a pace of 4min 20sec / km the whole race opposed to my target pace of 4 min 45sec. Which brings me to the biggest disappointment whilst running the Half Marathon

– Runtastic and the Fitbit are useless

Either they never properly work or because of the number of people or tunnels the app/device doesn’t pick up the GPS signal correctly and the distance it tells you is much more than what you have actually covered, providing you with a false pace.

Fortunately, I kept a stable pace throughout the race and finished in 99 mins 12 sec, which means, I met my goal to run under 100 minutes.

I can really recommend running a Half Marathon. The distance is very manageable if you can cover 10km in one go (doubling the distance is easily achieved with so many people around you motivating you) and the atmosphere on the day plus the feeling of achievement at the finish line is incredible.