Ambrym Vanuatu Volcanoe 2016.jpg

This week I flew to Vanuatu to visit Kathi. I was so lucky that Kathi organised a whole trip to Ambrym, a tiny island in Vanuatu. I didn’t even know what I was doing or where I was going until the day before, when we started buying provisions for the trip and packing for camping. Fortunately, we didn’t even have to carry our own bags, but a Porter grabbed them as if they didn’t weigh anything and started hiking.

The hike took about 3.5 days and we covered approx. 20 km each day – up and down, through the rainforest, on ash plains and ultimately climbing the volcano crater. The whole trip was magical – walking through deep jungle, pushing ourselves with 5-8 hours walking each day, the deep black sand and finally the boiling hot and loud lava.

It was absolutely worth every $, step and uncomfortable sleeping position in the tent. The active lava crater was the highlight, where even from 400m distance we could feel the heat, hear it louder than boiling soup and with the occasional change of wind having to hold our breath to not breath in the toxic gases.