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You always hear that when an opportunity comes along you should embrace it and just go for it!

Well, this week an opportunity of a lifetime presented itself and at first sceptical, I put all doubts aside knowing that stuff like this doesn’t happen often – and went for it.

The Situation
Philipp, a friend of mine, got asked to get rid of some brand new shoes which were left over after the shoe store was liquidated. Little did we know that the leftover stock was 2,400 pairs of shoes of a retail price between $200-$500 (-if you do the maths that’s a staggering Half a Million Australian Dollars (!) )

What Happened Next
To take away the suspense – I am not a Millionaire (yet). I thought about the easiest, safest, least effort and cheapest way to get rid of such a large stock of shoes. So I wrote a bunch or Ebay resellers. One reseller came back within the day. He agreed to meet us at the storage a day later. He grabbed 6 pairs of shoes and said he’s going to trial it first (he sells and ships worldwide) and then could pick up the rest of the stock and bring it to his storage (so we don’t have to pay for the warehouse). It sounded almost too good to be true and it really could have worked, unfortunately (well, for me), Philipp had 2 friends who had “Dibs” on the shoes and he sold all the shoes to them. They will be slowly selling the shoes themselves on Ebay.

The Take Away
If you ever get the chance to do anything which is outside your comfort zone – Go For It! It will teach you new things about yourself and widen your horizons. This really showed me that no challenge is unmanageable and you should jump on new opportunities as it’s really good fun to do new things.

Other mentions:

  • Dinner with fellow CEMSies I have not met before (Rossu & Joonas) – great delicious evening!
  • Development Approval application for our office made me feel like Mike in Suits