This week I came very close to not doing anything new, even though I was out and about doing lots of things, like the below:

Highschool Reunion – we do it every year, so not new
Primary School Reunion – we did it now twice in the last two years, so not new
Xmas Markets – happens every year
Watched Harry Potter Movies – yeah… that’s not a first

What was my first time though, was to go through all my old stuff and have to say “I’ll keep this/wear this again” vs. “We can throw this old supercool {insert anything from your childhood} away even though there’s a million memories attached to it” – so that was hard, but I guess necessary. Definitely a first as I am a hoarded of childhood memories, so I had to throw lots of stuff away, but also found some gems (see pic: that’s my sister and her gang in the early days).