This week there was lots of new stuff.

  • First holidays since starting full time work
  • First 40+h flight to St.Petersburg over Dubai and Vienna
  • New record of smashing through two startup books and half a dozen podcasts during the flight
  • St.Petersburg (even though I’ve been there before) – was new to me as I can’t properly remember the last time I’ve been there
  • Graduating from CEMS
  • First huge CEMS reunion

So many new things, but the one which was a truly new experience was using Uber in a foreign country.

and i was super impressed!

It’s so easy and convenient to get an Uber
+ even more importantly and the biggest benefit in countries like Russia & similar countries, with Taxis without metering systems, is that the driver can not overcharge you!

It’s awesome to know that you’re paying the fair value of your ride, which you definitely cannot tell when ordering a taxi and haggling a rate before you get into the Taxi.

My overall verdict is that the Uber app is awesome!
– the only drawback in foreign countries is that you need to find Wifi.