Lots of new things happened this week, but the one which is still fresh in my mind (and has my ears ringing) was last night’s Electro Swing party.


None of us had an idea what it was, so we listened to some of the tunes during dinner & drinks. You should definitely give it a try, if you feel a like a mix of chilled & energetic music at the same time (which I’m not even sure is possible) – here is an example of an electro swing song.

We didn’t really know what to expect and it ended up exceeding everyone’s expectations (if you don’t have any – that’s fairly easy).  Everyone was dressed in 1920’s outfits, great atmosphere and the music only got better and better with an unexpected live performance (see FB Event). It ended up being a great new experience and I definitely need to go again + discovered electro swing as a great motivational music genre.